About Us

Why Canfin

Because we believe in "Friendship Finance"

Sourcing competent home loan financing companies is quite easy these days. However, securing a source for home loan finance that you are comfortable and well understood with, is near impossible. Precisely why Can Fin Homes focuses on putting people before money. An attitude which ensures that you secure the most competent financial services, alongside courteous professionalism and uncompromising competence. Because we well understand that to make your dream home come real, we have to first make an effort to understand you.

Because "Paybacks Are Easy"

What's more, our entire paper work and loan sanction process are designed to be much swifter and less cumbersome to you. As for the loan amount itself, Can Fin Homes offers you loans on at very low interest rates. Both fixed and variable rate options are available. A detailed insight is provided on this, in our products and services section.

Because we are "There Everywhere"

Besides, should you require any kind of assistance almost anywhere in India, Can Fin Homes has its wide network of 107 branches and 13 satellite offices across the country to be at your service.

Because "Can Fin Homes Is Built On Strong Foundations"

Can Fin Homes is a close affiliate of Canara Bank, with the bank owning over a quarter of the total shareholding in our company.

Because "Your Need Is Our Need"

Can Fin Homes is built on a very clear operating focus- to promote ownership and increase housing stock, across India. To achieve this prime objective, Can Fin employs the best of its resources and has, till date, seen over 100,000 families secure homes.