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Housing Loan Schemes for Resident Indians

After having seen over a lakh and fifty thousand satisfied customers secure their own homes, Can Fin Homes now looks toward your home financing requirements. Having spent over a decade in the home finance business, we are well placed to understand the significance and importance of your need to own a home. This section is here to do just that, see you realise the dream of owning a home, as swiftly and smoothly as possible.

To help us assess your home financing requirements better, please indicate in the check boxes provided alongside, as to which of the home owning categories you come under : 


Finance for the construction of a house.
Loan for the purchase of a flat or house.
Finance for the acquisition of a plot and construction of a house on the same, under the composite housing loan scheme.
A loan for the extension of your existing house.
Loan towards the repairs, renovation and upgradation of your house or flat.

Documents needed for various loans


You are eligible for a home loan from Can Fin Homes, if you are -
  • Earning a regular monthly income.
  • salaried individual with minimum of 5 years of service left.
  • A professional /Self employed/Business man with age less than 58 years having filled IT returns during the last 3 years.
  • Having a clear and marketable title of the property and want to avail for purchase /construction/repair and renovation /extension

If your spouse is earning, put him/her as a co-applicant. The additional income shall be included to enhance your loan amount. Incidentally, if there are any co-owners they must necessarily be co-applicants. Co-applicants need not be co-owner of the property.


Easy home loan

Getting a home loan from Can Fin Homes is easier because of "Friendship Finance".

The main focus at Can Fin is to understand you before we go about understanding and assessing your loan requirements. The human element of trust, confidence and friendship is as important to us as your loan financing is. Our trained and courteous staff ensure that you are first at ease and in full confidence with them, before anything else. We at Can Fin call it "Friendship Finance" since we believe in making friends with you, before we finance your requirements.

Once you have familiarized yourself with our personnel and understood the terms and conditions of the financing, then there's very little paperwork you need to do. In fact, the paperwork required by Can Fin Homes to clear your application, is perhaps the least in the entire home finance industry! So don't wait any longer, the details of the documents you must provide are given in this section.


How much amount you get a loan / How much You can apply for a loan

A maximum loan amount of 80% of the cost of the property subject to the repaying capacity which will be assessed based on your income, age, qualification, work experience, number of dependents, spouse income stability of income and employment, assets, liabilities, etc.

  • For composite Loan
    Total estimated construction cost including interiors and land cost
  • For purchase of ready built flat/house 
    Cost of flat/house(Registered value), registration charges, stamp duty etc
  • For purchase of flat under construction 
    Cost of flat, interiors, deposit, car parking, other amenities etc
  • For purchase of site 
    Cost of site (Registered value), registration charges and stamp duty.



Your loan repayment will be

  • 5 - 10 years for site loans , 5 - 25 years for other loans.
  • They are payable in easy, Equated Monthly Installments


Fees payable by you

Please contact our nearest branch

Documents to be submitted along with loan application include

  • Personal document
  • Property document
  • Security document

Personal documents

Salaried class:

  • Salary certificates or certified copies of salary certificates with deductions for the past 6 months.
  • Form 16 from the employer for the past 3 years.
  • Bank Statements for a period of last six months
  • Age proof of the applicants. (Copy of passport /driving license/voter's ID Card /Ration Card)
  • Income proof of the applicants.

Self employed/business class:

  • Balance sheet and profit and loss account for the past 3 years.
  • Statement of total Income and income tax assessment orders and returns for the last 3 years.
  • Brief note on the nature of business, year of establishment, present bankers, form of organisation and the capacity in which the applicant is engaged.
  • Net worth of the applicant/ co-applicant.
  • Bank Statement of the last 9 months of both Savings bank account and Current bank account(Company account)

Property document

Your loan will be disbursed after you identify and select the property or home that you are purchasing and on your submission of the requisite legal documents.

While you may be under the impression that the list of documents asked for is rather extensive, please note that it is for your own good. Each and every single document asked for will be verified and checked to ensure your safety.

This may take some time but we want to ensure a clear title and will complete all the legal and technical verifications to ensure that you have full rights to your home.