Enhancement of loan

Existing Customer

Enhancement of loan

Oh!, your estimate is overrun , the cost of construction is more than expected . Don't worry. We will enhance the loan amount provided you have a repayment capacity . Please give us the revised estimate and other required documents.

Subsequent Loan

You have already availed the loan from us. You want to buy a new house / site / construct a new house. CFHL has a option for it.

  • Your earlier loan account should be regular
  • Mortgage is created for your earlier loan accounts
  • Upto date Encumbrance Certificate is NIL
  • Your present income should be sufficient to take care of installments.


Personal Loan Scheme

The personal loan is applicable for our existing borrowers with a good track record and will come handy for them to meet their personal expenses such as education, marriage, medical expenses etc.

The details of the scheme are as follows.


For meeting the personal expenses of the applicant.


Existing borrowers where their housing loan account with us has completed one years after commencement of EMI and where the conduct of the account is good and there are no overdues and a valid mortgage has been created are eligible for a loan under the scheme. 

Quantum of loan

  • The maximum amount of loan under the scheme is Rs.15 lakhs and the minimum loan amount is Rs. 25,000/-
  • Installment-Income Ratio (IIR) should not exceed 50% after considering the EMI of all existing Housing Loans of the borrower.


Repayment period under the scheme will be upto 10 years, depending on the remaining service of the applicant in the case of salaried class and till attainment of 65 years of age in the case of non-salaried class.

Interest Rate 

"For interest rates on housing loans, please contact your nearest branch of Can Fin Homes" 

Front-end Fee

Front-end fee Prevailing from time to time on monthly diminishing balance basis will be applicable.

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