Online Money Transfer

Note: Account No. should be Valid and not more than 12 Digits

Sl.No 1, 2, 4 are mandatory fields, necessarily to be entered by the customer correctly.Otherwise transaction will be rejected/can't be processed

Sl.No 3 will be automatically populated after entering Slno 2. Customers are advised to check for correctness.

If Name and Account number does not match do not proceed further. Seek clarification from your branch.

Only the Mobile No (10 digit only) which has been registered with your branch should be entered. Minimum fund transfer/remittance amount is Rs. 2000/-

Applicable Charges :
S.No Mode of remittance Service charges Remarks
1 Net Banking Rs 20/- per each transaction + Taxes Will be debited by your Bank to your Bank account only
2 Payment through Debit Master/Visa Card 1% of transaction amount + Taxes
NB :Payment through Credit cards not accepted

Amount transferred through On-Line money transfer will be credited to your loan account within 3 working days. The value date of such credit shall be the actual date of receipt of funds by us from the aggregator/your bank

We propose to send SMS to you once we receive credit at our end. Please also check the credits in your account through our web customer portal/missed call facility /enquiring at branch to ensure correctness.

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